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June 26 2017

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don’t talk to me until i’ve had my mourning coffee


to be clear, its equally ludicrous to talk about ‘cisgender’ animals and ‘heterosexual’ or ‘homosexual’ animals, its just sort of…convenient shorthand for ‘does this animal look and behave the way humans expect it to’


oh, don’t get me wrong, there’s definitely a vast spectrum of animal morphology and behavior that is not captured in the male/female categories we like to use for them. but it also makes no sense to call animals transgender. to transgress gender requires both an understanding of the social concept of gender and the will to defy it, and a lot of what we’re talking about here is down to genetics and natural hormone levels that are entirely beyond the individual animal’s capacity to understand, express a preference about, or control.

maned lionesses, freemartins, and other types of animals that don’t conform to our expectations of male/female morphology and behavior would usually be far more accurately described as intersex!


Agreeing with Blaire White





Nonbinary isn’t seen in animals or nature.
Genderfluid isn’t seen in animals or nature.
Genderqueer isn’t seen in animals or nature.
Agender isn’t seen in animals or nature.
You can actually meet a transgendered person.
You can actually meet a cisgender person.
You can actually meet a man.
You can actually meet a woman.

You can identify however you want but please realize you won’t get representation because it doesn’t exist.

Gender as a WHOLE concept isn’t seen in animals or nature, it’s a fabrication of the human mind to try and rationalize the common differences between humans. This post is cheap trans antagonistic bait with hardly a shred of critical thinking.

Words and language are concepts not seen in animals or nature, so let’s stop talking and just interact with each other using grunts and screeches.

Clothing is a concept not seen in animals or nature so Clothes Aren’t Real, if you wear Clothes you’re A Special Snowflake™️

wait, sorry, is OP implying that there are transgender giraffes and shit???

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Using a series of sensors, Dua’s bot detects when a person is about to run into something and beeps to them. The project took her a total of four days to build. Her prize is every Marvel fan’s dream.

Follow @the-future-now

!!!!! Get this out there. Make sure she’s not shut down because existing industries are greedy.

Im… fucking crying actually?? This is amazing

[images: a gifset of a young person steering a small robot on wheels with a long stick. she describes the robot and removes the cover over the wiring to explain its interior. overlay text: “maia dua, 16, of west sacramento, is a varsity wrestler and straight-A student who has added another title to her list of accolades: award-winning inventor.” “i created a seeing-eye robot,” she says. “what it does is it replaces the average guide dog.” the river city high school student learned that guide dogs who aid the visually impaired can cost $50,000. “this right here would run retail $600 so that’s way cheaper. they sense something using echolocation so if something’s in front of it, it’ll beep.” the robot was her submission for the marvel studios STEM challenge, which called on girls around the country to solve a problem through STEM.”] 

hi, i’m auden, i’m here to fuck up your performative satisfaction about this shitty tech 

  • this post doesn’t have any image descriptions, meaning i am 100% positive who your intended audience is, and it isn’t people who would benefit from improved tech. so like, good job, you’ve just shared information about something for b/vi people in a way that shows zero commitment to actually making that information accessible to that group. 
  • she didn’t create something that “replaces the average guide dog.” guide dogs complete so many more tasks and serve such a broader purpose than any robot. literally all you have to do is google, like, “guide dog story” or “service dog teams” and so much info will be right there
  • given that she didn’t “replace the average guide dog” and actually just created something that functions more like a cane, it’s dramatically dramatically more expensive, and way more impractical 
    • it can’t collapse or fold up 
    • it doesn’t seem to be that useful for anything other than walking down the sidewalk 
    • sure looks like it has limited functionality beyond directly in front of someone 
    • this is unlikely to be valuable anywhere that’s loud, could create interfering sound that otherwise could be useful for navigating a space, and isn’t useful for d/Deafblind people or anyone who is some combination of HoH/d/Deaf and low vision
  • here’s something about already utilized methods of echolocation that specifically employ the guide cane
  • like what if instead of completing this robot in four days, you spent some time actually trying to learn about the needs you’re trying to fill, or what already exists here?
  • every couple of weeks someone tells me about a New Product Like Nothing Ever Before like the UltraCane or Sonar Glasses or Smart Glasses or this device that’s the exact same but small enough to fit in a shoe or the HoloLens or or or. like perkins posts one of these like twice a week on their twitter
    • the UltraCane is literally an echolocating cane so like??? that’s something that would fulfill all of the purposes that existing guide canes do and also would do everything this does and it’s about the same price and currently on the market 
  • people in the notes of this post are talking about how this is useful because it isn’t a guide dog and doesn’t involve the same expenses, labor, and limitations of being part of a service dog team. fun fact, fun secret, let me tell you: you know what isn’t a guide dog? a cane 
  • i’m replying to this post because by virtue of the way the post is set up it’s largely inaccessible to b/vi people who have the lived experiences that would make assistive tech of this type valuable
  • mkay bye 

Yes to captioning posts and making posts with images/gifs accessible to b/vi folks. No to dragging a 16 year old girl for building something and trying to help, especially as a 16 year old girl in STEM, where girls are rarely encouraged to participate in. Like, I get impracticalities relating to what she built but the very fact she as a 16 year old built something like this is amazing

omg, like, i hear what you’re saying, but abled people just “trying to help” is a major problem in disability advocacy. it’s a major point at which disabled people are disenfranchised and denied a voice in stating and responding to our own needs. it’s a big part of why one of the major slogans for disability self-advocacy is “nothing about us without us.” 

the fact that the accessibility needs of disabled people are treated as cool problems for abled people to solve for a project without consulting with any people who have relevant experiences is wildly problematic, and this plays into that, regardless of her age or gender.

it goes beyond impracticalities. it’s about the denial of agency via a pity/patronizing form of ableism. so like, yes to calling out people who are “just trying to help.” if your progress as a woman in STEM is built on maintaining a structure of ableism, it’s respectability politics. it’s normalizing you at the cost of further disenfranchising disabled people. that’s not amazing. that’s super damaging. 

June 15 2017

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Time transfixed via Rene Magritte

Size: 146x97 cm
Medium: oil, canvas

dumb ass accidentally painted a train instead of a fire

rene magritte has talent but this is a rookie mistake

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Cuttlefish pretending to be a hermit crab


Reposted byNocephyaJapaneseDeathPoemshamefuldisplaypyrrhon

Promiscuous salamander found to use genes from three partners equally


ok so, two things here

1. theis is a neat bit of biology! it is neat to see alternate reproductive strategies, it is neat how many ways life has found to continue itself!

2. there’s no byline on this article but i would bet you fifty fuckin dollars it was written by a man because it’s calling a fucking salamander fucking promiscuous. and okay kleptogenesis is an existing biology word and not something the author of this article made up, i know that, but talking about “theft of genetic material” when it’s, like, they had sex for reproductive purposes and then they reproduced, that’s exactly what is supposed to happen, how is that theft – in the context of an article that calls a SALAMANDER “PROMISCUOUS” it’s like, it feels like at any second they’re gonna be calling the salamander a slutty stacy who spermjacked an innocent amphibian going his own way, a shameful cucklizard, oh my fuckin lord

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white people never seem to learn.



Generic Long Text Post from 2012-2014

OP: So why the fuck do barbers have these swirly pole thingys??


1st comment: They siphon the energy of lost hair.




*60 lines of text you can find from wikipedia*


3rd comment: Things are getting heated up in the Booble Pooles fandom!

End of post

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the muppets, 1x01: “Pig Girls Don’t Cry.”

Why did they make me watch Fozzy Bear experience a micro aggression

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Pine tree study from summer

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why are yall so afraid to double text like ill be out here sending 9 messages in a row buzz buzz another message? its me bitch i just got a lot to say!!

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My cat, 5 minutes after meeting my uncle. (Source: http://ift.tt/1lPzWSE)

I don’t know him…. but I trust your uncle with my life

“My human now”.

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[link to the article] Scrolling through my phone I just saw this and as an aro/ace that wants to have children one day it made me so happy. A magazine I follow also made a story about co-parenting in my country (Brazil) and how people are meeting in sites in order to raise a child together without romance and sex and things like this makes me so happy.

“It’s the first time in Canadian history that two people who have never been in a romantic relationship have been legally recognized as parents.” So nobody in Canada has ever had a one night stand, gotten pregnant, and co-parented the resulting child? Or is this yet another example of the media/society in general conflating “romantic relationship” with “sexual relationship” like you can’t possibly have one without the other?

I think the “legally” is key here. That means the state is recognizing them both as legal parents, even though they’re not married, which means they both get to claim the child as a dependent and have that taken into account for their taxes, both of them can do legal guardian type stuff for the child– make important legal decisions regarding him– and if anything happens to one of them the other gets automatic custody without some legal battle to prove she deserves it.

Plenty of people co-parent kids, for various reasons, but it’s not taken into account by the state, so they don’t get the legal benefits, or rights, of doing so, unless they’re married or “partners” in some kind of legal sense.

What this means is that the state is recognizing them as a platonic relationship that’s raising a child together, and they don’t have to pretend to be anything else to have all the legal rights/benefits. It’s been done unofficially plenty of times, I think someone else in the notes shared their own personal experience.

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