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August 07 2017

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18 years, count the rings 🌱

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Vulcan faces are notoriously difficult for other species to read. Lacking mobile lips or much in the way of facial musculature to give them any cues, observers tend to focus on their eyes, which often leads them to confuse the protective movements of Vulcan nictitating membranes for emotional expression. The low-level empathic connection all Vulcans have to nearby members of their own species renders verbal or physical emotional expression redundant, and the current dominant culture considers it hugely gauche. Because of all these factors, Vulcans quickly developed a reputation for reserved stoicism in the wider galactic community, which they cultivate with care. The current fashion is to slick down their expressive crest of black feathers into a sleek mass, and to hold their long ears perfectly still unless actively listening. 


if you can't handle me at my oingoest you don't deserve me at my boingoest



if u were forced to get a tattoo of an emoji which one would you pick

August 06 2017

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So, this just happened

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Yuanyang rice terraces, Yunnan, China



If by some miracle you instantly became fluent in 3 foreign languages, what would they be? This includes various forms of sign language and Braille. I’d choose Spanish and French for media consumption and Russian because communism, lol.


sitcom pitch: Lennier, N’Toth, and Vir sit around drinking wine and bitching about their jobs


it was such a cool move to tell the viewers about this prolonged, difficult war with the Minbari but then introduce us to the species only through their religious for like, a whole season

I just saw a Minbari knee the Captain in the nuts and I’m losing my mind


Susan Ivanova and Leonard McCoy do the exact same smug little bounce on their toes when they sass a superior officer, and I think they would get along like a house on fire


the funniest thing Babylon 5 has done so far is to have these super obnoxious aliens- Ivanova’s showing them around the station, they’re trying to decide if humans are worthy allies- who are into Baby’s First Darwinism levels of eugenics and bad evolutionary theory, and they’re not loving the medical bay because its set up to treat people of many different ‘inferior’ species, but then they get to the Downbelow and suddenly they’re full of praise for humanity’s vision, since the idea of ‘isolating genetically inferior members of your own species’ and ‘creating a work force without the power base to challenge you” hadn’t occurred to them yet, and Ivanova’s just standing there futilely protesting that poverty isn’t intentional



one of my friends is a very pregnant dog and like 3 times a day i say to her “hello! you are full of several other smaller dogs!” and she wags her entire body at me like “it’s true!!! i contain multitudes”

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use wisely

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here comes a special boy

August 05 2017


I'm Love Lennier!!!


this show keep shaking its head sadly at how foolish the bad blood between the Narns and the Centauri is, as if the Centauri didn’t have a violent colonial history that they take *every possible opportunity to resume*

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when ur in the middle of a severe depressive episode and you send your friend a text real casual like “hey how are you doing”





what’s the betting that potterwatch was just a radio project lee jordan was doing in his spare time and never actually stopped after the war

“Harry Potter was spotted at the local farmers market today, good choices in produce Harry! Gotta love the organics”

he’s the only reporter harry will talk to other than giving official statements when he has to as an auror

“I’m speaking to Harry Potter today after the long-awaited conclusion of the trial of quadruple murderer Waldorfus Grenoble. Harry, may I ask you a question regarding the trial?”

“Sure, Lee, I have to be back at work in ten but give it a go.”

“What is in the curry you had for lunch yesterday during the recess? It smelled fantastic and I have to know.”

“Thanks for asking, Lee. I’ve recently come across a book of my great-grandmother Priyanka’s notes on her Punjabi cooking and I’ve been trying to recreate her food. I liked that one but Ginny said it was too sweet so I’m making adjustments.”

“Fantastic. Great stuff. Next up we have an update on You-Know-Who’s whereabouts. Not Voldemort obviously– he’s six feet under, it’s been around 2500 days now and he’s still going strong, no sign of him being not dead any time soon.”

“You’re correct, Lee, he’s dead as a doornail and he’s going to stay that way. You do realize you don’t need to refer to your infant daughter as ‘You-Know-Who,’ right?”

“Sophie starts screaming if either of her dads talks about her and we don’t know why. Any suggestions, and any idea where she is now?”

“Oliver was walking her up and down the hallway outside the World Cup Regulatory Office last I saw her. As for the screaming, with James we gave him the miniature dragon from the Triwizard in ‘94 and that entertained him pretty well.”

“You heard it here first folks, Harry Potter thinks dragons are an appropriate substitute for pacifiers! Thanks for your time, Harry.”

“Any time, Lee.”

“Next week’s password is anything that will make our six-month-old go to sleep for longer than four hours. Signing off, this has been Potterwatch with River and the man himself, Harry Potter.”

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